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We will set you up with everything you need to start a My Refillery via your own home-based business. You will be able to present your wares at local Farm Markets, Trade Shows & host Home Refill Parties. Gives a new twist on Block Parties when you can offer a BULK Party!


Add a Refillery station to your EXISTING brick and mortar store, we set you up with everything from merchandising units to your opening order. We offer territory exclusives for all brick and mortar Refillery locations, so get your neighborhood set up with a refill station today! You benefit from the instant repeat customers, loyalized purchasing and the collective buying power of a larger group of retailers, not to mention almost half a century of combined business  experience from the award winning owners!


Looking to open a full sized brick and mortar store with all the beautiful natural goodness of My Refillery?  All of the above applies plus a glorious full sized store where you also offer our inhouse workshops, DIY events, PK Sessions and local pop up events!  The full REFILL deal at your fingertips!

Want more details? Send us an email with your cover letter telling us where you are located and why you would love to open a  My Refillery Market business!

Our owners have a combined resume of starting  over 25+ companies and over 20 small, medium and large sized brick and mortar stores.  Ranging in size from 800 sq. ft,  all the way up to 36,000 square feet. 

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There is an investment involved with each of the 3 Business Opportunities. You will be required to fill out an application, provide a  full resume and proof of financial viability if chosen for an interview.



How much floor space do I need for My Refillery?

For existing retail store fronts adding our inline dispensary and retail package, you can expect to use 300-500 square feet. Depending on whether you are carrying all the retail products alongside your refill displays. Larger dispensaries for larger stores are expected.

Are all the products natural?

Yes, 100% of what we manufacture, and resell is high quality, planet friendly and natural. We will not carry any SLS, phthalates, petroleum bi-products, or other chemicals in any of our bath, body or home products.

What is the investment amount?

The initial investment depends on which of our business models you choose. Obviously the home-based option is the least expensive and the full retail buildout is the most expensive. You can expect to spend anywhere from $5500 and up for an inline dispensary and for a brick and mortar store, anywhere from  $75,000 to $150,000 depending on store size.  Home Bulk Parties are significantly less.

How long does it take to get approved & setup?

We can have a Home Based Refillery setup very quickly, the inline store is also fairly quick and if the retail space does not require too much buildout or merchandising prep, it can be up and running within a few weeks. A full sized, new retail store obviously take significantly more time and planning.

Are all the lines Canadian?

99% of our lines are Canadian, and many of those are produced right here in beautiful British Columbia. We are proud to actively source local producers, artisans and businesses. Our dryer balls are hand made by the woman who raises the sheep, literally up the road from  our first location!

Do your stores reflect an eco agenda?

Most definitely! Our launch location was built from reclaimed materials from the local Surrey New & Used, second hand stores, antique stores and cleverly repurposed materials. 

Each store will have it's own unique feel with a solid , re-use & repurposed mandate... and look AMAZING!